Now offering Cat Grooming by a Certified Feline Master Groomer, trained locally at the National Cat Groomers Institute of America!

Cats have two options, a Full Groom (see below) or a Bath & Sanitary. 


Bath & Sanitary Includes the following:
- Bath with all natural shampoo appropriate for individual pet
- Hand blow dry with a no heat dryer  ~OR~
- Supervised crate drying with a low heat dryer
- Ears cleaned with herbal infused all natural cleanser
- Nails trimmed
- Sanitary area trimmed
-Toe Tufts trimmed if requested

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Short Haired Cats

Despite common beliefs, short haired cats do need grooming! Many people believe that cats groom themselves when actually they are just licking themselves. Grooming involves shampoo, not saliva, as well as everything mentioned above in the grooming package. Does your cat do all that?

Short Hair Bath & Sanitary $45

*Must be short hair, no mats or tangles, no shaving, and under 12 lbs. If any of these conditions apply, price starts at $55.

cat on leash

Medium & Long Haired Cats

Cats with fluffier hair absolutely need grooming on a regular basis. Unkept hair can become tangled, or worse, matted, very quickly. This can lead to sores on their skin and litter and/or feces being stuck to them. So brush aside the myths and get your cat on a regular schedule for grooming.

Medium/Long Hair Bath & Sanitary $55

*Must not have any mats or tangles, no shaving, and under 12 lbs. If any of these conditions apply, price starts at $65.

A Full Groom consists of everything in a Bath & Sanitary PLUS the haircut to best suit your preferences or the cat's coat condition.

Medium/Long Hair Lion Cut $75

 This trim is a very short shave on the body of the cat. A mane is left around the head, end of the tail, and the feet/legs.   **If a cat has matting on the body, this is the only option besides a complete shave down. This is the safest and least uncomfortable method of matt removal for cats.

Medium/Long Hair Comb Clip $85

This trim leaves about 1/2″ to 1″ of hair on the cat’s body depending on your coat maintenance preferences. A longer mane can be left if desired to mimic a lion cut. The cat must have no matting for this clip. If matting is present or the ability to groom/brush often is not likely please refer to the lion cut above.

Cat Add On Services (add to Groom Price)

Deshed Treatment $15

 This service helps all cats regardless of coat length! We use specialized tools, products, and techniques to remove dead, shedding hair without taking length off the cat’s coat.

Belly Shave $10

This service extends the sanitary trim up the belly to help prevent matting and excessive shedding. Please advice if you would like a full or half belly shave.

Flea Bath $15+

 Any cat with an indication of fleas will receive a flea bath. Charges are based on severity of flea infestation. It is recommended that all cats are on monthly flea and tick preventative year-round. These products should be purchased at your veterinarian. Please refer to our blog post about using general store brands such as Hartz, Sargeant's or Zodiac!

Dematting $10 to $75+

 If your cat has tangles or mats, they must be removed to prevent more severe matting in the future. This is mandatory and an additional fee will be charged. The method and cost of de-matting depends on the coat condition, temperament, age, and tolerance of grooming. An estimate of the groom price will be given upon the cat’s initial assessment during drop-off. Please understand this is an estimate and can only be finalized once the service has been preformed. Very severe cases can total upwards of $150.


* Please note all prices listed are approximations and could be more or less than this for your specific pet. Each cat is an individual and will have its own individual price based on your grooming preferences and your pet's temperament. Once a price has been established (face to face) for your pet it should not increase unless there is a company wide price change which will be announced prior to taking effect.