BUSINESS HOURS ARE: (Starting Jan 2, 2017)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  7:30am - Until Done  (Typically 5:00pm)
Thursday 8:00am - 2:00pm - PREFERABLY SPECIAL NEEDS ONLY, i.e. elderly, puppy, high anxiety, low tolerance for other pets, etc.

In order for your appt to be confirmed, YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR DOG'S NAME, BREED, & AGE in the appointment notes section. Also, don't forget to include details for SPECIAL REQUESTS. Examples: if you need to drop off earlier than your scheduled time, if you need your dog finished by a certain time, or if your dog will need to stay for an extended time after their appt. We cannot guarantee compliance with special requests if we were not aware of it BEFORE your appointment date. If you do not receive an appt confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us to make sure it came through the system properly.

EXTENDED DAYCARE AFTER APPT IS $20 PER DOG. This applies to any dog that is not picked up within 2 hours of parent being called. We give a 2nd courtesy call on the 1 hour mark to make sure you have received our voicemail. This does NOT apply to dogs who've previously arranged drop-off/pick-up around parent's work schedule/lunch break.

Please note all prices listed are approximations and could be more or less than this for your specific pet. Each dog is an individual and will have its own individual price based on your grooming preferences and your pet's temperament.   Pricing can change from one visit to another based on your pet's coat condition, amount of grooming completed at home (brushing!), fleas/ticks, matting, temperament changes, etc. 

If the sidebar to the right does not populate with appt information or has technical issues, you may book directly on my Square Appointments website here