Dogs Naturally

I have partnered with Dogs Naturally Magazine to bring you health & wellness information for your pet! 

Being that Summer is here and so are the mosquitos, I wanted to tell you first about DNM's approach to keeping heartworms away, without harmful chemicals. As per their description, this is a real life, practical, step by step explanation of how to keep your dog both free from the dangerous drugs used to prevent heartworm, and free from the parasite itself. Dr Will Falconer walks you through the way heartworm spreads, the significant risk of the heartworm drugs causing immune breakdown, and how to successfully beat the parasite without drugs. Even when you live where it lives, like the Southeast. There are hundreds of Dr Falconer's patients from over 20+ years of practice that have shown, through their use of this program, that it truly works.

For less than the cost of a vet's office visit you can have this information in your hands in minutes. So stop the harmful and unnecessary onslaught of chemicals that will eventually cause more problems in your pet!

Download the eBook HERE