Enter to WIN

I'm starting my first Giveaway! Enter to win a FREE Groom with Deshed. Once you enter you will be given a link to share with friends for a chance to earn more entries. If you use all the entry formats & refer at least 10 friends you will have earned a total of TWENTY entries! 

Included are the following:

- Bath with all natural shampoo appropriate for individual pet

- Anal glands expressed

- All natural conditioner if appropriate or requested

- Hand blow dry with a no heat dryer

- Ears cleaned with herbal infused all natural cleanser

- Paw pads trimmed

- Nails cut & filed

- Sanitary area trimmed if necessary

- Neaten hair around feet

- Trim eye area to brighten eyes

- Trim visor (eyebrows) back away from eyes

- Haircut specific to breed or your preference

PLUS the winner will also get a full Deshed Treatment where all undercoat is reduced thereby minimalizing the shedding of the pet. Effects will vary based on the breed and hair coat but usually last for a month or more!

Be sure to Click & Enter Here:  FREE Groom with Deshed


Spartanburg, SC