Quick Intro!

Hello. My name is April and I am a mother to three dogs, three cats, three beta fish and two chickens. Yes, the chickens are out of sync but I will be adding more soon! My goal here at Native Canine is to educate myself, and you, about making better choices for pets. I want to use less chemicals (or none at all) on them, in them, and around them. This will create a better environment for all of us.

I opened Native Canine as a pet salon in my home with goals of being mobile asap. Within two months I have greatly increased my expectations as a company. I have read extensively about natural dog care and I want to learn & share more of this adventure with you. The shampoos and conditioners I have selected to use in the salon are non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, pH balanced and paraben free. I will also be guiding you to other products that are "eco" oriented, such as foods, flea & tick treatments, beds, leashes and collars. I do not plan on having inventory at this time but I will seek out these products online & locally to let you know what is available.

I have approximately six years in the grooming industry and many more years of pet care with my own animals. In 2006, I attended Greenville Technical College's "Small Animal Care" program which incorporated pet grooming, nutrition, breed recognition and small animal husbandry.  Also, I am constantly learning new tips & techniques to better myself as a groomer. Part of this education comes from attending pet industry seminars online and around the country.

So please, join me on this expedition to better care for our pets and make the environment around them a better place to live!


Spartanburg, SC
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