Shavedown vs. De-shed on Double Coated Dogs

Here's explanation for why a double coated dog (Husky, Labrador, Pomeranian, etc) should NOT be shaved. The coat helps keep them cool in the summer if properly cared for. We can do a "De-Shed" Treatment on most double coats to relieve the heavy undercoat, reduce shedding, and keep the cool air flowing! Give us a call today. 864-381-7387

Shaving your dog’s coat – should you or shouldn’t you?

by: Jennifer Oldfield

After the following photo post on our Facebook page was so popular, we thought a blog post on the topic of shaving would be a good follow-up.

There are several different types of textures on dog’s fur, but in a general breakdown there are two coat types; single coated and double coated.  A single coat means that there is only a top (or over) coat that grows all over the body with no different undercoat.  Breeds such as Shih Tzus, Poodles, Bichons, for example, are ones with a single coat.  These breeds can be shaven generally with the only thing potentially occurring to the coat is over time it may become softer or it may have a slight colour change.  Even with only a single coat you want to be careful on when you shave them, especially if you shave them right down, as this, although may appear to feel cooler, leaves the dog exposed to the possibility of sunburn.  A dog with a coat shaved right down in the height of summer should not spend any length of time in direct sunlight.  With the simple fact that there is only one coat the hair grows back normally and even after a shaving.