The Pack Members Club

A Members Only Discount Program For Dog Grooming Services


~ To Enroll in the Club each dog must first complete a Full Groom Package (or Bath & Sanitary Groom for smooth hair dogs) at FULL retail price. This is to ensure that your pet is a candidate for the Club and that your grooming expectations are met. Dogs that come on a Weekly or Bi-Weekly schedule will always receive a Bath & Sanitary and will receive the Full Groom as needed.                         Discount Levels* are as follows:


 10% Off Full Groom Price for Monthly Visits

MUST keep appts within 25 – 31 days


25% Off Full Groom Price for Bi-Weekly

MUST keep appts within 12-15 days


50% Off Full Groom Price for Weekly Visits

MUST keep appts within 6-10 days



*Discount must be requested, it will not be given automatically. Discount is per individual dog. Bringing a separate pet each week/month does NOT qualify for Club Discount. The maximum number of days is ABSOLUTE. Discount will not be given if appointment is not within the given range. You may be bumped to the next discount level per groomer's discretion. Appointments not occurring within 31 days will be charged full price, no exceptions.


You are encouraged to make your appointment in advance so that you are guaranteed a place within the given range for your discount. You may make your appt online by clicking the button below.